Pumpkinhead Family Bike Ride

jackbike2The sixth annual Pumpkinhead Family Bike Ride is set for Saturday, October 13, 2018.  The Pumpkinhead is a fundraiser for outdoor educational/recreational programs at Whittenberg Country School, including trail development.

The PFBR is an all-ages event, which has four routes to choose from, of 5K, 15K, 25K, and 35K, with a bonus of a bit more.  The 5K route is “The Seedling”, the 15K is “The Jack-Be-Little”, the 25K is “The Jack-O-Lantern”, and the 35K is “The Giant Pumpkin”.  All routes are there-and-back-again routes, beginning and ending at Whittenberg (at the corner of Reeds Creek Road & Willard Road).

Tickets for the ride are $20/adult and $10/youth before October; during October, the tickets are $25/adult and $15/youth.  Riders who sign up before October get a PFBR t-shirt.  All participants get a PFBR water bottle, a goodie bag, and candy along the way! For more information about the ride, please email WCS at whittenbergcountryschool@gmail.com.

New for the PFBR this year is “The Pumpkin Seed”, a mini-ride for little munchkins not yet ready for the road; this route is a 1/4 mile loop about the site where the PFBR is based.  Tickets for the mini-ride are $1 each, and mini-riders get candy, too.