The Site

The Whitten family bought the property in 1919, and now six generations have lived on the land – with the new generation being among the first group of students for Whittenberg Country School. The 50-plus acres of land stretch from one side of the Reeds Creek Valley to the other. The ranch includes oak-covered ridges, open farm fields, and creek-bottom forest. The first classroom is situated on the south end of the property, and has about three acres of dedicated space immediately around it, including playfields, gardens, and a pirate ship treefort.

Whittenberg Country School is beginning an effort to design and build a new schoolhouse (and to raise funds for the same).  The general idea is that it would have four classrooms, for one kindergarten and three elementary classes; we should have conceptual drawings in early 2016, at which point we will begin pursuing grants and other support.